Beginner Fuzz Pedal builders kit-DIY Fuzz!

Image of Beginner Fuzz Pedal builders kit-DIY Fuzz!


Beginner Fuzz Box Kit


Includes instructions and all the parts you need!

Included in this kit is everything the first time pedal builder needs to make not only a working pedal, but a fantastic sounding pedal as well. This is a simple fuzz pedal that only has one knob and just a few parts on the circuit board. I want you to be successful and enjoy this hobby as much as I do! I include very detailed instructions with lots of photographs. Instructions will be sent by email upon purchase of kit. Kit includes:

Detailed instructions with step by step photos.

1590B sized enclosure

Stripboard (veroboard) sized for the project

All resistors, capacitors, transistors needed

Transistor socket

9V snap

Stereo and mono jacks (input and output)

True bypass footswitch


Chickenhead knob


The only things you will need are: solder, a soldering iron, wire clippers and whatever paint or decals etc you need to decorate the box the way you want it.

Here is a link to a short (16 seconds) sound clip that will let you hear how this pedal will sound when you build it! Played with a Strat on neck pickup.

This is a great chance to be able to learn how to customize your sound by building your own guitar pedals. No experience is assumed or needed!