Burns Baldwin Buzzaround fuzz pedal clone

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Baldwin Burns Buzzaround Clone
Master Volume knob plus DC jack friendly!!

For your consideration, a clone of the famous, obsolete and amazingly rare Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz pedal.

Note: This is a new version which is more pedalboard friendly. It can utilize either a 9v battery or a Standard Boss-style 2.1mm adaptor (not included). You can daisy chain this fuzz with the rest of your pedalboard with no issues. Utilizes an on-board charge pump to allow it to use a standard negative ground adaptor. Plus, I've added what most people would agree is the most valuable Buzzaround mod of them all, a Master Volume knob. The controls on a Buzzaround are very interactive and a lot of great tones exist where all the knobs are at or near max. However, this is a very loud pedal when all the controls are near max and with the original there is no way to reduce volume and keep those amazing tones. That's where the master volume (knob on the edge) comes in. Makes this pedal much more usable for stage and recording situations.

The originals have sold recently for as much as $3000 on ebay! If you think that's crazy, you won't get any arguement from me. Those prices are for collectors, not regular guitar players. But the fact remains that this is an absolutely amazing pedal. The only thing keeping this from being more popular than the Fuzz Face or Tone Bender is that no one really famous used one "back in the day"

My build uses vintage NOS PNP germanium transistors, 1% metal film resistors and mylar capacitors and is in a rock solid, bulletproof build. This will stand up to many years of hard use.

Here is a youtube demo (older version, no master volume) so you can get an idea of the sounds available. Amazing sustain and full rich organic tone. Demo is a Strat into a cheap solid state amp.


Please take some time to read the feedback that many, many satisfied buyers of my pedals have left over the years. That really speaks for itself. Here is a comment from a recent buyer:

"amazing pedal and unbelievable tone. without a doubt, FRIPP IN A BOX!!!!"

And another:

"Hey Dennis,
I got the Buzzaround today. It sounds incredible! Great work! Thanks for the prompt turnaround. I will have to get used to the controls. I think this will be my #1 fuzz on my board. I think this surpasses everything I have used in the last 25 years. Evolution in order: Rat, AceTone Fuzzmaster FM-2, SolaSound Fuzz Wah, EH Big Muff Deluxe, EH Hot Tubes, Ronsound Stone Machine, and Swollen Pickle which I think the Buzzaround will be replacing".

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Shipping is by Priority Mail or Priority Mail International.

Here is bit of history about the original pedal:

"Between 1965 and 1968 the merged UK subsidiary of Baldwin Piano & Organ Company and Burns London, called Baldwin Burns Ltd, produced a small number of guitar effects pedals. One of these was a fuzz pedal called the Buzzaround. Gary Hurst reportedly designed this pedal around 1966/67 (unconfirmed and probably hearsay) and the circuit is extremely close to the 3-Knob Tone-Bender circuit. Those with a flair for the conspiracy theory suggest that, with very good reason, the Sola Sound Tone-Bender MKIII is basically the Buzzaround circuit with the addition of a tone control. The pedal contains three knobs, being:

- Sustain. Self-explanatory.

- Balance. This is basically a bias control for Q3.

- Timbre. This is a volume/tone control, which is never fully off."

Ultra-rare Baldwin-Burns fuzz box as used by Robert Fripp on the Bowie track 'Heroes'

This is definitely one of the rarest and hardest to track down items in Fuzz box history

It's the stuff that legends are made of, Google it and see for yourself.